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Javascript Question

Regular expression still allowing tab character to be pasted into form field

Does anyone know why my regex below is still allowing a tab character whitespace to be pasted into a form field? I think I wrote it correctly...


Suggestion from answer to post:

self.City = ko.observable(model.City).extend({ required: true, maxLength: 30, pattern: /^[a-zA-Z ]+$/ });

Answer Source

\s allows a tab and many more whitespace chars.

If you need a literal space replace \s with a space.

You do not need the global modifier either.


/^[a-zA-Z ]+$/

In Knockout, use

self.City = ko.observable(model.City)
    .extend({ required: true })
    .extend({ maxLength: 30 })
    .extend({ pattern: {
              message: 'Only letters and spaces are allowed.',
              params: '^[a-zA-Z ]+$'
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