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Command to measure TLB misses on LINUX

Could some one direct me to a command to measure TLB misses on LINUX, please? Is it okay to consider minor page faults as TLB misses?

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You can use perf to do this. Provided your CPU supports it.

Use perf list to get some idea of the counters available. When I took this list and grepped for TLB (on my Sandy Bridge machine) I got:

rob@tartarus:~$ perf list | grep -i tlb
  dTLB-loads                                         [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-load-misses                                   [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-stores                                        [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-store-misses                                  [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-prefetches                                    [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-prefetch-misses                               [Hardware cache event]
  iTLB-loads                                         [Hardware cache event]
  iTLB-load-misses                                   [Hardware cache event]

You can then use this particular counter with: perf record -e <event0>,<event1>,..

And then just use perf report to look at the results.

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