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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do I redirect to a page after successful login?

I'm fairly new to web forms development, playing around with a project created using the ASP.NET Web Application template in VS 2010. After the user successfully logs in, I want the user redirected to a page I created. How do I modify my project to redirect the user after login? Any samples / tutorials / etc are greatly appreciated.


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To simply redirect to a new page when your user has logged in, use the DestinationPageUrl property of your login control... assuming you're using the Login control that is.

If you need to do anything more advanced you can use the OnLoggedIn event handler for your Login control to perform a redirect manually, or add any code for event logging and such.

If you've rolled your own login control, and are just using things like text boxes and button controls, then in your Button_Click event, you can just use Response.Redirect("DestinationHere"); to take your users to a new page.

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