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Javascript Question

Polymerfire: No default bucket found

I'm trying to upload data to the storage Bucket of my app but the line

var uploadRef = firebase.storage().ref();
causes the following error:

Firebase Storage: No default bucket found. Did you set the 'storageBucket' property when initializing the app?

However (I think) I already initialized the app by placing the polymer
element in the body of my index.html like so:


I also tried some solutions on the web and have checked:

  • that my App Engine APIs are enabled

  • that I have the App Engine app enabled

  • that firebase-storage@system.gserviceaccount.com is an owner on the storage bucket

By now i don't really know what else to try and would appreciate any help you can offer!

Answer Source

Turns out the polymerfire-version provided by the Google web-starter-kit was not the latest one. By the time I found that out I already used the firebase initialization snippet provided on the firebase homepage and therefore don't need the element anymore. Now everything works fine.

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