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Regex to get time in hour min and seconds in perl

I am getting a time in this format


Now i want to get the time in like
13Hour 26Min and 23Seconds

How can we do this in Perl through regular expression .I was trying this but i am unable to do this

$line =~ /^.+?\:(.+)/

Please help me in this how we can do this.

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There is a number of most excellent date-time modules, but given the unusual output format and simple input perhaps a regex is a good solution here.

my ($day, $mon, $year, $hour, $minute, $sec) = 
    $line =~ m|(\d+)/([^/]+)/(\d{4}):(\d{2}):(\d{2}):(\d{2})|;

Now print them out as you please.

What you seemed to try is

my @hms = $line =~ m/:(\d+)/g;
print "@hms\n";

With the string from the question this prints 13 26 23.

This captures all consecutive digits following a colon, repeatedly by /g modifier. So @hms contains: hour, minute, second.