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iOS Question

iOS binary rejected by apple

My iOS binary was rejected for the following reason

Performance - 2.5.4

Your app declares support for external-accessory in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist file but does not declare any external accessory protocols supported by your app. The external accessory background mode is intended for applications that communicate with hardware accessories through the External Accessory framework.

I have studied forum discussion estimote , I shall only switch off the Background Modes in Target, Capabilities. But, my app is currently using BLE to configure my hardware and carry out tasks . What else should I notice not configue ?

Apple UIBackground Modes

And my BLE module contains CBCentralManagerDelegate, CBPeripheralDelegate>

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If you need to use Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals in the background then you should select "Uses Bluetooth LE accessories", not "External Accessory Communication"

enter image description here

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