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Visual C# 2010 Express full download?

Where can I download the full version of Visual C# 2010 Express?

When you go to Microsoft website you can download an EXE file. That then downloads the rest of the files.

I have an offline PC, so I want to download it from a PC that is online, put it on a flash disc, and install it on the offline PC.

Answer Source

The Visual Studio 2010 Express page contains a complete list of the Express products and download links. (Update: This link no longer works.)

Alternatively, you can use a direct link to download Visual Studio 2010 Express All-in-One ISO: (Update: This link no longer works)

This ISO image file enables you to install Visual Studio Express products without requiring Internet access during installation. It includes: Visual Basic 2010 Express, Visual C++ 2010 Express, Visual C# Express, and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. This download does not include Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.

Once downloaded, you can either burn it or mount it and then copy all the files to a flash drive.

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