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PATCH Async requests with Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient class

I need to do a

request with the
class and there is no official documentation on how to do it. How can I do this?

Answer Source

I found how to do a "custom" PATCH request with the previous System.Net.Http.HttpClient class here, and then fiddled with until I made it work in the Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient class, like so:

public async Task<HttpResponseMessage> PatchAsync(HttpClient client, Uri requestUri, IHttpContent iContent) {
    var method = new HttpMethod("PATCH");

    var request = new HttpRequestMessage(method, requestUri) {
        Content = iContent

    HttpResponseMessage response = new HttpResponseMessage();
    // In case you want to set a timeout
    //CancellationToken cancellationToken = new CancellationTokenSource(60).Token;

    try {
         response = await client.SendRequestAsync(request);
         // If you want to use the timeout you set
         //response = await client.SendRequestAsync(request).AsTask(cancellationToken);
    } catch(TaskCanceledException e) {
        Debug.WriteLine("ERROR: " + e.ToString());

    return response;
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