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Sending Redux actions for reusable React components

If I have a React component I am using twice, how do I send actions to the store to change the relevant value for one but not the other? E.g.,

<Provider store={store}>

const mapStateToProps = (state) => ({
value: state.value,
const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch) => ({
changeValue : (value) => {
export default const ComponentContainer = connect(mapStatetoProps)(Component)

export default function Component(props){
return (
<div onClick={handleChange(props.value++)}>

How do I isolate the two values of ComponentContainer with this structure? I realize I should be assigning the Containers ids to pass to the reducers, but I'm not sure where.

Answer Source

One solution is for the action object to have an additional field (say componentId) which would tell the reducer which component this action concerns.

Call your action creator like this from within the component

<div onClick={handleChange(props.value++, props.componentId)}> 

(Notice how componentId is now a required prop) so

<Provider store={store}>
    <ComponentContainer componentId="c1" />
    <ComponentContainer componentId="c2"/>

You could actually reuse the reducer you already have just wrap it int another, which would call your reducer with appropriate branch of the state (matching the componentId)

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