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Node.js Question

Where to upload Firebase Node.js client?

I have build a

simple client that monitors firebase database changes and post emails using
. It works great on my machine, Now I want to upload it to a server, But dont have any background. What is the most simple hosting service i can use? I dont expect high traffic at this time.

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I can recommend Heroku. They allow you to upload your code in many different way. They also have a nice page that list all the methods that they have, you can check it out hear: https://devcenter.heroku.com/categories/deployment.

In addition to that, you can create an app for free, it will go to sleep, meaning it won't be up all the time, but it is a nice way to test and play with your deployment. Then it is just $7 a month to keep the lights on :)

There are many more hostings on-line, but I will argue that this one is the most straight forward with many resources for developers.

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