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C Question

How to print unsigned char data?

Im learning C so i have a little problem.

How to print:

unsigned char *tlv_buffer = NULL;

In main function:

unsigned char *tlv_buffer = NULL;
int size = 1;
int len = 0;
int result;

tlv_buffer = BKS_MALLOC(size);

result = append_bertlv_data(&tlv_buffer, &size, &len, 0xDF04, 2,
result = append_bertlv_data(&tlv_buffer, &size, &len, 0xDF81, 3, "ref");
BKS_TRACE("-------- success : %d --------- \n", result);

BKS_TRACE("======== %u =======", &tlv_buffer);

(I cannot see what happens in append_bertlv_data)

It should print
df 04 02 34 56 df 81 03 72 65 66
but it does not show like that.

My result is 3204447612


You can use the following:

for (int i = 0 ; i < strlen(tlv_buffer); i++)
    printf("%02x ",*(tlv_buffer + i));

It will print each byte in hex.


use a space to separate and if you want the specific length bytes then specify the length instead of size. best is to use strlen.