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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Convert TimeSpan from format "hh:mm:ss" to "hh:mm"

I want to show in a TextBox only hour and minutes

var test = dataRow.Field<TimeSpan>("fstart").ToString();
//test ="08:00:00"
var tb = (TextBox) gridViewRow.Cells[2].FindControl("fstart");
tb.Text = test;

how to show only hours and minutes

Answer Source

You need to convert your data to TimeSpan and then use format:"hh\:mm"

string test ="08:00:00";
TimeSpan ts = TimeSpan.Parse(test);

In your case:

var test = dataRow.Field<TimeSpan>("fstart").ToString(@"hh\:mm"));

Remember to escape the colon :

You may see: Custom TimeSpan Format Strings

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