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Hapi.js Subdomain Routing to Plugins

I am looking for a way to route different subdomains to different plugins. I looked through the API docs, and didn't find anything helpful.

Answer Source

I ended up making a simple class to create plugins that only work on certain subdomains. Here it is.

var Plugin = function(attributes, routes) {
    // Add our routes to the server
    this.register = function(plugin, options, next) {
        // Loop through the selected servers and add the routes
        plugin.servers.forEach(function(server) {
            // Loop through the routes and add the vhost option
                route.vhost = {
                     return vhost + "." +;

            // Add the routes

    // Add our attributes
    this.register.attributes = attributes;

Then you can make a new plugin and specify the subdomains easily. Example:

var plugin = new Plugin([
    // Your route or routes here
], {
    vhosts: ["array", "of", "subdomains"]
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