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Which is better: Parse or AWS

I'm working on an ebook store application (my target users will be 10,000 users per months). It's very hard to make up my mind to select the backend between AWS and Parse.

Parse is very simple to use. It could save me one or two months development work. But I'm concerning about the number of requests per month. There are free 1,000,000 requests. But I don't know how they calculate the number of requests. I tested with the demo application. A simple run cost me 4 requests (there seems to be only one request in the code.). I totally have no clue 1,000,000 requests can server how many users.

AWS is free at the first year. It's more flexible. I can control almost everything. The problem is I have to do everything from scratch. Database, Web service, security, server management. Also it's very difficult to estimate the cost.

I'd like to hear your opinions about the cost, performance, scalability, security, etc. Thanks

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Just a note, from 2016 Parse is closed. (FB got sick of it.)

So, it's as closed as this question :)

The bottom line seems to be, go ahead and use


or perhaps go ahead and use google's one, i.e Firebase.com, or any other of the many baas available.

Note that for 2015, AWS somewhat confusingly now offers an all-in-one baas which is very similar to Parse:


The original answer before 2015:

Note that Parse is a "whole baas" whereas AWS is a raw computing system.

To make a typical simple client-server system, might take five minutes with Parse (or any other baas); the same could take six man-months if you engineered it from scratch starting with raw-servers-and-storage (such as AWS).

(To repeat, from 2015, AWS now confusingly offer .... "all the wonders of BAAS" sort of "available right in" AWS: aws.amazon.com/mobile )

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