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Disable Asset Minification in Rails Production

In order to debug javascript in my heroku production environment, I need to disable asset compression (or at least compression of javascript). I tried

config.assets.compress = false
along with
config.assets.debug = true
, and the compressed assets were still used. I then deleted the compressed assets, at which point no assets were rendered at all. I added
config.assets.enabled = false
, which did not help. I tried copying the uncompressed assets into various directories, including the application root, public, and public/assets (the latter two using both the folders "images, "javascripts", and "stylesheets", and putting the assets directly into the folders without the three subfolders). I was eventually able to get the javascripts to work by changing the html to directly reference all of the javascript files. But the CSS and images still are not working.

I would have thought that my original
config.assets.compress = false
should have worked. Any ideas what I did wrong?

Answer Source

I came up with this workaround after reading the docs:

create a module that does nothing to compress js / css here: lib/modules/no_compression.rb

class NoCompression
  def compress(string)
    # do nothing

configure your assets to (not) be compressed with your do-nothing compressor

config.assets.compress = true
config.assets.js_compressor = NoCompression.new
config.assets.css_compressor = NoCompression.new
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