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jQuery Question

Looking for a full list of jQuery event types

Where I can find a complete list of all jQuery supported events (like

etc) with some explanations when they are triggered? I am looking for those that can be binded:

$('#foo').bind('click', handler);

For example I just found out by accident that there is
event but I can't find any references to it anywhere in their docs. What else is there?

Answer Source

A non exhaustive list is at There are more DOM events supported through .bind() and .live(). Those functions can assign a handler to any standard DOM event, most of which are listed along with compatibility tables at

The .bind() method is the primary means of attaching behavior to a document. All JavaScript event types, such as focus, mouseover, and resize, are allowed for eventType.

As of jQuery 1.7, you should use .on() in place of .live() and .bind().

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