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C++ Question

How to get substring from a string in qt?

I have a text form:

Last Name:SomeName, Day:23 ...etc

From Last Name:SomeName, I would like to get Last Name, and separately SomeName.

I have tried to use QRegularExpression,

QRegularExpression re("(?<label>\\w+):(?<text>\\w+)");

But I am getting the result:

QString label = match.captured("label") //it gives me only Name

What I want is whatever text till ":" to be label, and after to be text.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

You could use two different methods for this, based on your need:


#include <QString>
#include <QDebug>

int main()
    QString myString = "Last Name:SomeName, Day:23";
    QStringList myStringList = myString.split(',').first().split(':');
    qDebug() << myStringList.first() << myStringList.last();
    return 0;

TARGET = main
QT = core
SOURCES += main.cpp

Build and Run

qmake && (n)make


"Last Name" "SomeName"
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