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angular-meteor $scope=collection.subscribe does not bind/refresh correctly

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I am really new to angular-meteor and facing the following problem. I perform a search using

$scope.Contacts = $meteor.collection(Contacts,false).subscribe('searchString', $scope.searchString);


$scope.Contacts = $scope.$meteorCollection(Contacts,false).subscribe('searchString', $scope.searchString);

and the
does not refresh. It seems like its holds the old collection (speculation). I can see the data being returned by the mongo server and they look fine.If I iterate through the collection using $meteor.foreach you can see that the data are there.

But once the first search result is assigned to
it wont refresh any more. I am having the feeling that
keeps its own "collection" and only append new rows/docs coming from

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All,


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It's kind of weird. From my understanding, subscribe is linking the data pipline, collections is the representative of the data.

$scope.contacts = $scope.$meteorCollection(function (){
  Contacts.find({someField: $scope.searchString})

You might want something like this?

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