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SQLPackage not found in SQL Server on Linux

I am trying to do dacpac deployment using SQLPackage on Linux.

My environment:

Server : Ubuntu Linux version 16.04

SQL Server 2017 latest release candidate version RC1.

SQL Server installation is successful and I am able to create tables on SQL Server database on Ubuntu. Now I am trying to implement dacpac deployment on Linux. As per this documentation


SQLPackage executable has to be at /opt/mssql/bin. But it is not. Any idea how to install SQLPackage on linux?

When I check the older version which is CTP 2.1 I have that SqlPackage executable. Is that missed in RC 1?

Answer Source

As mentioned by @Lin Leng-MSFT, sqlpackage has been removed from the installation package as of RC1. That said "SqlPackage can still be run against Linux remotely from Windows."

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