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C# Question

UWP app start automatically at startup

All is in title, I currently searching a way to launch my UWP app automatically at Windows startup (a backup app)

Is it a feasible thing? If so how?

Thank you


I think that is not possible, but maybe you can use a trigger in order to activating a background task when something happen.. Here's a list of the available triggers:

  • SystemTrigger
  • MaintenanceTrigger
  • TimeTrigger
  • PushNotificationTrigger
  • NetworkOperatorNotificationTrigger
  • NetworkOperatorHotspotAuthenticationTrigger

However you have some constraint.. take a look here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsappdev/archive/2012/05/24/being-productive-in-the-background-background-tasks.aspx