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Resize image in the wiki of GitHub using Markdown

I'm writing a wiki page on GitHub, and I'm using Markdown.

My problem is that I'm putting a large image (this image is in its own repository) and I need resize it.

I have tried different solutions, but they do not work:

![image](http://url.to/image.png "Title" {width=40px height=400px})

![image](http://url.to/image.png = 250x250)

![image](http://url.to/image.png = 250x)

[[http://url.to/image.png = 250x]]

Is there a way to get it?

It is preferable without HTML.

Answer Source


Code (external/internal):


Code (internal/external for sizing):

<img src="https://github.com/favicon.ico" width="48">



Old Answer:

This should work:

[[ http://url.to/image.png | height = 100px ]]

Source: https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/

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