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PHP Question

How to randomly generate a number from a range of numbers but exclude some numbers?

How would I generate a random number from a range of numbers between 1 and 10 while excluding an array of numbers e.g. 4,5,6.

$exclude = array(4,5,6);

The following code allows to generate random numbers within a range however only for a single number and not an array of numbers

function randnumber() {
do {
$numb = rand(1,10);
} while ($varr == 4);
return $numb;

Answer Source

Create a loop that iterates until a generated random number using rand function is not in array. If the generated number is found in array, again another random number is generated.

do {   
    $number = rand(1,10);
} while(in_array($number, array(4,5,6)));
echo $number;


while(in_array(($number = rand(1,10)), array(4,5,6)));
echo $number;

You can use it like a function too:


function randomNo($min,$max,$arr) {
    while(in_array(($number = rand($min,$max)), $arr));
    return $number;

echo randomNo(1,10,array(4,5,6));

The above function, does the same process, in addition, you can reuse the code. It gets minimum and maximum number and the array of values to exclude.


without loop, but with recursive function. The function generates a random number and returns if it is not found in the exclude array:

function randomExclude($min, $max, $exclude = array()) {
    $number = rand($min, $max);
    return in_array($number, $exclude) ? randomExclude($min, $max, $exclude) : $number;

echo randomExclude(1,10,array(4,5,6));
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