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JSON Question

convert json string into POJO containing @key

I have a json string as shown below.

"input_index": 0,
"candidate_index": 0,
"delivery_line_1": "5461 S Red Cliff Dr",
"last_line": "Salt Lake City UT 84123-5955",
"delivery_point_barcode": "841235955990"

I want to convert into POJO of class as shown below.

public class Candidate {

private int inputIndex;

private int candidateIndex;

private String addressee;

private String deliveryLine1;

private String deliveryLine2;

private String lastLine;

private String deliveryPointBarcode;

I am trying to convert json to pojo using jackson as shown below.

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper();

objectMapper.configure(DeserializationFeature.FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES, false);

Candidate candidate = objectMapper.readValue(jsonString,Candidate.class);

When I run the code I am getting all null values in pojo because jackson is looking for attribute name in the json string instead of name given in @key. How do tell Jackson to map values based on @Key?

I used @JsonProperty before and had no issue converting into pojo. The Candidate class is provided by third party and they are using @key( annotation for attributes. So, I can't change the class.

Answer Source

Use this maven dep :


And convert like this :

Candidate candidate = JacksonFactory.getDefaultInstance().fromString(output,Candidate.class);
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