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How can I block external connections with RSpec & Capybara?

With my Rails project, I would like to write tests non-ideal conditions such as lack of internet connection or timeouts. For example, I am using a gem to contact an API and would like to make sure that I handle the error correctly if there is a connection issue between my app and the external API.

I can do this already by making a fixture with VCR and removing the response from the "cassette". However, this has drawbacks:

  • It has to be done manually.

  • The cassettes can not be gitignored if I am working with a team(which I am).

How can I simply create a block in my RSpec tests that will prevent external connections, simulating the lack of an internet connection?

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I've never tried to do this, but perhaps you could use webmock to stub out all requests.

before do 
  stub_request(:any, /.*/).to_return(body: "errors", status: 422)

More info on stubbing external services.