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splitting strings after detected vowels

I'm trying to split words into syllables, but the kind of syllables in my langauge (Setswana). The syllables appear each and every time after a vowel e.g. in "motho" (which means person) syllables are "mo" and "tho". They are separated by vowel, so identifying a vowel is a major key

I need a code that identifies a vowel and splits a part of a word, 1 VOWEL PER SYLLABLE...this is what i have so far:

public void syllable(String word)
int i=0;
int z=0;
for (i=i;i<word.length()-1; i++){
char w = word.charAt(i);
String w1=Character.toString(w);
if(w=='a'|| w=='e' || w=='i' || w=='o' || w=='u')
String[] x= word.split(w1,2);


Answer Source

It is a complicated regular expression concept, but what you want to do is use a positive look-behind as a split:

String[] syllables = word.split("(?<=[aeiou])");

Which, for me, produces:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    for (String word : new String[]{"Motho", "Botswana"}) {
        System.out.println("Word " + word + " Syllables " 
                + Arrays.toString(word.split("(?<=[aeiou])")));

and output:

Word Motho Syllables [Mo, tho]
Word Botswana Syllables [Bo, tswa, na]

Update: About the split, using a positive look-behind: This regex tutorial does a better job than I can do here.

The Java Pattern documentation is light on detail, but you want zero-width positive lookbehind

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