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Python Question

Insert string to Dataframe in python 3.6.0

I want to find the folder path for all

files from network folder.
I have below
but its giving

TypeError: cannot concatenate a non-NDFrame object

Please help on the same


import os
import pandas as pd

adcPath = r'\\ADC\redshift-datasets\BLSCEWAG2016'

gzPath = pd.DataFrame(columns=['Path'], dtype=object)
for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(adcPath):
for name in files:
if name.endswith('.gz'):
gzPath = gzPath.append(path) # Want to insert to dataframe gzPath to export in csv

gzPath = gzPath['Path'].unique()
exportPath = r'D:\Sunil_Work\temp8' + '\\Path.csv'

Answer Source

You can use the glob function in the glob module to get all .gz files:

import glob
files = glob.glob(r'\\ADC\redshift-datasets\BLSCEWAG2016\**\*.gz', recursive=True)

Then, create the data frame and call df.unique:

gzPath = pd.DataFrame(files, columns=['Path'], dtype=object)['Path'].unique()

Save to csv:

exportPath = r'D:\Sunil_Work\temp8' + '\\Path.csv'
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