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Replace a value in a dictionary of lists/tuples python

I have a dictionary like so:

d = {}
d['key1'] = [('tuple1a', 'tuple1b', ['af1', 'af2', 'af3']),
('tuple2a', 'tuple2b', ['af4', 'af5', 'af6']),
('tuple3a', 'tuple3b', ['af7', 'af8', 'af9'])]

I want to write a function to allow me to update the list portion of the value (e.g.
). The code below works to filter by the different values to get to the correct list within the value:

def update_dict(dictionary, key, tuple_a, tuple_b, new_list=None):

for k,v in dictionary.items():
if key in k:
for i in v:
if tuple_a in i:
if tuple_b in i:
#di.update(i[2], new_lst) #this is what I'd like to do but can't get the right syntax
return dictionary

I want to add something like
di.update(i[2], new_lst)
My question is how can I update ONLY the list value with a new list?

Answer Source

Since tuple is an immutable type, you cannot change a single entry in the tuple. A workaround is to create a list with the elements you would like to have in the tuple, and then create a tuple from the list. You will also have to assign the new tuple to the given element in the parent-list, like this:

for k,v in dictionary.items():
    if key in k:
        for n,tpl in enumerate(v):
            if tuple_a in tpl and tuple_b in tpl:
                v[n] = tuple( list(tpl)[:-1] + [new_list] )

(I was a little confused by your example, in which the variables called tuple_a and tuple_b were actually strings. It might have been better to call them name_a and name_b or similar.)

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