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How to keep query string parameters in URL when accessing a route of an Angular 2 app?

I have an Angular 2 test app running the latest alpha (37). There are just three routes, that look like this:

{ path: '/', component: Home, as: 'home' },
{ path: '/errors', component: Errors, as: 'errors' },
{ path: '/about', component: About, as: 'about' }

I can access the routes, and when I place query string params in the URL I can read them just fine. However, a few instants after I read the parameters, I noticed that the route loads fine and the URL refreshes, removing the query string parameters.

In other words, accessing this route:


Loads the
route, but right after the application loads the URL turns into:


That would be confusing to a user. I would like to keep the query string parameters in the URL.

I know, it's in alpha, but is this a bug or I forgot to set something up on the router? How can I keep whatever query string parameters in the URL?


Answer Source

This is fixed in Alpha 41. The query string is now persisted.

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