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Swift, How to get information from a custom annotation on clicked

I've got the following custom annotation class:

import UIKit
import MapKit

class LocationMapAnnotation: NSObject, MKAnnotation {
var title: String?
var coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D
var location: Location

init(title: String, coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D, location: Location) {
self.title = title
self.coordinate = coordinate
self.location = location

I am loading the annotations into a map view like this:

for i in 0..<allLocations.count{
//Add an annotation
let l: Location = self.allLocations[i] as! Location
let coordinates = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(l.latitude as Double, l.longitude as Double)
let annotation = LocationAnnotation(title: l.name, coordinate: coordinates, location: l)

And I am wanting to get the
object from the selected annotation. Currently I have this method which is called when ever I tap an annotation, but I am unsure how to retrieve the specific object from the annotation.

func mapView(mapView: MKMapView, didSelectAnnotationView view: MKAnnotationView) {
print("Annotation selected")

//performSegueWithIdentifier("locationInfoSegue", sender: self)


Answer Source

You can get your Annotation within didSelectAnnotationView, which will then give you MKAnnotationView. This MKAnnotationView has MKAnnotation as an object.

func mapView(mapView: MKMapView, didSelectAnnotationView view: MKAnnotationView) {
    println("Annotation selected")

    if let annotation = view.annotation as? LocationMapAnnotation {
        println("Your annotation title: \(annotation.title)");
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