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Python text adventure - how to create HINT and SAVE in every prompt

So, finally I'm getting to the end of LPTHW and I'm creating my own text adventure type of game.

I want to incorporate save function to the game (prolly by using file write). Also the game can give you hints relative to a location in the game. What I basically need is following... There will be lots of prompts for user input (raw_input) in while loops.

I want to be able to type SAVE or HINT anytime to trigger a function. How do I do this so I don't have to create the same conditional everytime? (for example

elif action == "HINT": print "..."

Is there a way to create some global expressions so that everytime they're typed in the prompt I can act on them? I will create a module with dictionary that will reference to a certain hint when the player is present in certain location. I just want to avoid putting the same conditionals all over the place.

Answer Source

If you separate the input into a function, you can pass a hint and access save easily:

def user_input(prompt, hint):
    while True:
        ui = raw_input(prompt)
        if ui.lower() == "hint":
            print hint
        elif ui.lower() == "save":
            return ui

You could also add checking here that the user stays within specific choices (an additional argument), deal with any errors and only ever return valid input.

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