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GCM - How to Generate a Server API Key For Android Push Notification

I want to use push notification service on my Android project, but when I try to generate a server key, I notice that Google's developers console changed and I can't find where I can generate my server key. I looked at a lot of tutorials but still I can't do it.

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Update: There is now a visible note in the GCM docs saying:

Starting from Sept. 2016 new server key can only be created in the Firebase Console using the Cloud Messaging tab of the Settings panel. Existing projects that need to create a new server key can be imported in the Firebase console without affecting their existing configuration.

Just retrieved a part of my answer here.

  1. Go to your Google Developers Console
  2. On the left-pane, click on Credentials
  3. Under the Credentials Tab, Click on Create Credentials
  4. Select API Key
  5. Select Server Key
  6. Fill out the details.
  7. Click on Create

The Server Key should be available by then.

PS: Just tried it out, this still is a way to generate a Server Key.

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