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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do I check if Debug is enabled in web.config

I have some code from my VB.NET 1.1 days that allowed me to dynamically check if Debug was enabled in web.config. I figured why re-invent the wheel in turning on/off logging if I could simply have the web administrator enable debug. Here is the code I used in VB.NET that worked just fine:


When I wanted to convert this to C# and use it in .NET 3.5 I ran into some trouble and it wouldn't work. Additionally, I would like to use the newer construct of ConfigurationManager.GetSection. Can anyone suggest how best to read the

Much appreciated!

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This property actually looks at the web.config configuration setting. If you look at it using Reflector you will find that it gets the actual ConfigurationSection object using some internal classes.

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