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Rails 4 Error: NoMethodError - undefined method `itemfavorites'

Hey I am receiving an issue when accessing

@interestedusers = User.itemfavorites.where(item_id:
from my

NoMethodError in ItemsController#show
undefined method `itemfavorites' for #<Class:0xfb94bb8>


resources :items do
get :itemfavorites, on: :member

User Model

# Favorite items of user
has_many :favorite_items # just the 'relationships'
has_many :itemfavorites, through: :favorite_item, source: :item # the actual items the user favorites

Item Model

# Favorited by users
has_many :favorite_items # just the 'relationships'
has_many :itemsfavorited_by, through: :favorite_items, source: :user # the actual users favoriting an item

The general association works, I tested it and I can add/remove and display favorites.

I am trying to display the users favorited an Item.

Thanks in advance for each answer! Please tell me if you need additional information.

Answer Source

You are calling itemfavorites on the User class, not a User instance. I guess you want to do something like

@interestedusers = current_user.itemfavorites.where(item_id:


@interestedusers = @user.itemfavorites.where(item_id:

EDIT: you want to do this to get users for an item:

@interestedusers = @item.itemsfavorited_by
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