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R Question

tidyverse: cross_d()` is deprecated; please use `cross_df()` instead

I use


results <- df %>%
+ pipelearner(lm, yzp ~ .) %>%
+ learn_cvpairs(k = 5) %>%
+ learn()

And i get

Warning messages:
1: `cross_d()` is deprecated; please use `cross_df()` instead.
2: `cross_d()` is deprecated; please use `cross_df()` instead.

Please help how to fix it?

Answer Source

Short Answer: Ignore it.

Long Answer: The author of the pipelearner package has to fix it. Presumably pipelearner internally uses the function cross_d() somewhere, which has been renamed to cross_df() in a more recent version of the package purrr. Deprecated means that the old function (name) still works as intended, but will be removed in the future. So the pipelearner author has some time to fix his package.

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