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How to bind to localStorage change event using jQuery for all browsers?

How do I bind a function to the HTML5 localStorage change event using jQuery?

$(function () {

$(window).bind('storage', function (e) {
alert('storage changed');

localStorage.setItem('a', 'test');


I've tried the above but the alert is not showing.

Update: It works in Firefox 3.6 but it doesn't work in Chrome 8 or IE 8 so the question should be more 'How to bind to localStorage change event using jQuery for all browsers?'

Answer Source

It turns out that this is actually working correctly and I have misinterpreted the specification

When the setItem(), removeItem(), and clear() methods are called on a Storage object x that is associated with a local storage area, if the methods did something, then in every Document object whose Window object's localStorage attribute's Storage object is associated with the same storage area, other than x, a storage event must be fired

In other words, a storage event is fired on every window/tab except for the one that updated the localStorage object and caused the event.

So the event was not fired because I only had one window/tab open. If I place the above code in a page and open the page in two tabs I would see the event fired in the second tab.

This answer on the problem contains more details.

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