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Checking for Presence of Negative List Characters Using Java Pattern

I seem to have been caught with the incorrect useage of expression at run time. The line that has been causing the heart burn is

String expression = "$+!*'(),{}|\^[]`<>#%";/?:&=";

This is my code

public static boolean hasBlackListCharacters(CharSequence strString)
boolean hasBlackListedChar = false;

String expression = "$+!*'(),{}|\^[]`<>#%";/?:&=";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(expression, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(strString);
if (matcher.matches()) {
hasBlackListedChar = true;

return hasBlackListedChar;

The Input should not match any of the following characters.


Input String

<img src = "">

has to be searched for presence of any of these characters.. and return or false accordingly.

Answer Source
private static Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("[$+!*'(),{}|\\\\^\\[\\]`<>#%\";/?:&=]");

public static boolean hasBlackListCharacters(String strString) {
    return pattern.matcher(strString).find();
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