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How to loop through a C++ map of maps?

How would I loop through a

in C++?
My map is defined as:

std::map< std::string, std::map<std::string, std::string> >

For example, this holds data like this:

m["name1"]["value1"] = "data1";
m["name1"]["value2"] = "data2";
m["name2"]["value1"] = "data1";
m["name2"]["value2"] = "data2";
m["name3"]["value1"] = "data1";
m["name3"]["value2"] = "data2";

How can I loop through this map and access the various values?

Answer Source

Old question but the remaining answers are outdated as of C++11 - you can use a ranged based for loop and simply do:

std::map<std::string, std::map<std::string, std::string>> mymap;

for(auto const& ent1 : mymap) {
    // ent1.first is the first key
    for(auto const& ent2 : ent1.second) {
        // ent2.first is the second key
        // ent2.second is the data

this should be much cleaner than the earlier versions, and avoids unnecessary copies.

Some favor replacing the comments with explicit definitions of reference variables (which get optimized away if unused):

for(auto const& ent1 : mymap) {
    auto& outer_key = ent1.first;
    auto& inner_map = ent1.second;
    for(auto const& ent2 : inner_map) {
        auto& inner_key = ent2.first;
        auto& inner_value = ent2.second;
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