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AngularJS Question

Angular js resource call to get json data in array

Created factory that will return json data and calling it from controller, but it is coming empty.
don't know where I made mistake.
no console error and in network json is also loading.

'use strict';
var app = angular.module('angularJson', ['ngResource']);

app.factory('loadJsonService', ['$resource', function ($resource) {
return {
getData: function () {
return $resource('json/productDetails.json');

app.controller('angularJsonCtrl',['$scope', 'loadJsonService',function($scope, loadJsonService){

$scope.loadProducts = function(noOfData){
$scope.productDetails = [];
$scope.productDetails = loadJsonService.getData().query();


Answer Source

You have to put wait till request gets completed & there after you need to use .$promise.then over $resource.query function call. So that you could put function which will get call on success of API call.

loadJsonService.getData().query().$promise.then(function(res){ //success function
   $scope.productDetails = res;
}, function(error){ //error function
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