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JQuery Autocomplete not working on button/link click

I have below code, which is calling jquery JSON autocomplete on button click. It is working as expected only for the very first time, autocomplete is called when i click the commandlink, but next time the autocomplete is triggered when i started typing in the text box (before i click on the command link). It works again when i refresh the page- autocomplete called only when link clicked.

<tr:inputText id="#{id}" value="#{value}">

<tr:commandLink id="idGlobalTrigger" partialSubmit="true">
<tr:image source="/resources/images/tick_light.gif"></tr:image>
$("#idGlobalTrigger").click(function() {
/*text box id */
var jqueryObj = "#"+"#{id}";
source : function(request, response) {
type : "GET",
url : "#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/GlobalServlet",
data : {
term : request.term
dataType : "json",
success : function(
data) {
error : function(
errorThrown) {
// alert('Error1'+textStatus +textStatus);


Pat Pat
Answer Source

I reinitialize the autocomplete on select event. This resolves my issue.

$(jqueryObj).on("autocompleteselect", function(event,ui) {          
            source : null,
            response: function( event, ui ) {
                ui.content.push({value:'', id:0, label:''});
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