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Swift Question

Binary operator '+' cannot be applied to two CGFloat operands?

Coding in Swift and get the above error...

Is the message masking something else OR can you really not add two CGFloat operands? If not, why (on earth) not?


There is nothing special in the code I am trying to do; what is interesting is that the above error message, VERBATIM, is what the Swift assistant compiler tells me (underlining my code with red squiggly lines).

Running Xcode 6.3 (Swift 1.2)

Answer Source

It's absolutely possible, adding two CGFloat variables using the binary operator '+'. What you need to know is the resultant variable is also a CGFloat variable (based on type Inference Principle).

var value1 : CGFloat = 12.0
var value2 : CGFloat = 13.0
var value3   = value1 + value2
println("value3 \(value3)")

//The result is value3 25.0, and the value3 is of type CGFloat.
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