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Umbrella Header for Module Bolts does not include header 'BFAppLinkResolving.h'

I'm running an xcode 6.3 project with Parse 1.7.1 (newest version), Swift. I'm getting this issue being raised on my builds. My autocomplete and typing is PAINFULLY slow and I think it maybe related. I've testing out projects and it only happens when the Bolts module is in the project (which is required for Parse).

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As @MaddTheSane pointed, the Bolts framework is missing the modulemap in the last update of Parse (1.7.1).

In the Bolts.Framework create Modules/ (if it does not exist) and inside it create a file module.modulemap with the content shown below. I will suggest removing the current Bolts framework from your project and importing again (the modified one.)

enter image description here

framework module Bolts {
umbrella header "Bolts.h"

export *
module * { export * }

explicit module BFAppLinkResolving {
    header "BFAppLinkResolving.h"
    link "BFAppLinkResolving"
    export *
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