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PHP Question

UTF-8 to Unicode Code Points

Is there a function that will change UTF-8 to Unicode leaving non special characters as normal letters and numbers?

ie the German word "tchüß" would be rendered as something like "tch\20AC\21AC" (please note that I am making the Unicode codes up).

EDIT: I am experimenting with the following function, but although this one works well with ASCII 32-127, it seems to fail for double byte chars:

function strToHex ($string)
$hex = '';
for ($i = 0; $i < mb_strlen ($string, "utf-8"); $i++)
$id = ord (mb_substr ($string, $i, 1, "utf-8"));
$hex .= ($id <= 128) ? mb_substr ($string, $i, 1, "utf-8") : "&#" . $id . ";";

return ($hex);

Any ideas?

EDIT 2: Found solution: The PHP ord() function does not work for double byte chars. Use instead:

Answer Source

Converting one character set to another can be done with iconv:

Note that UTF is already an Unicode encoding.

Another way is simply using htmlentities with the right character set:

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