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Node-sass does not understand tilde

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for RC1 of Angular2 released recently I faced strange problem:
within sass plugin in the
does not parses
before the package name throwing following error:

Error: File to import not found or unreadable: ~@angular2-material/core/style/theme-functions

It happens during compiling the following code:

@import "~@angular2-material/core/style/theme-functions";

If I remove tilde everything will be ok. Is it the right behavior, or there is a path to make

P.S. I use WebStorm, and it prefers using
too. If tilde is omitted it complains to unability of resolving path. And after some googling I found that using code without tilde is legacy and
should be used as best practice. Is it right?

Answer Source

Tilde path resolving is something that webpack does, node-sass doesn't have such a resolver built in. sass-loader for webpack has this. You can write your own import resolution alternatively.

Just for completeness here's how you might do it without webpack/sass-loader using a custom importer:

function importer(url, prev, done) {
  if (url[0] === '~') {
    url = path.resolve('node_modules', url.substr(1));

  return { file: url };
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