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iOS - How to get device make and model?

I was wondering if it's possible to determine what kind of iPhone (for example) the currentdevice is? I know it's possible to get the model through

NSString *deviceType = [[UIDevice currentDevice] model];

which will just return whether I have an "iPhone" or an "iPod", BUT I was wondering if it's possible to detect/know if I have an iPhone 3GS vs. and iPhone 4 vs. an iPhone 4S (in actuality, all I really want to do is determine if I have a 3G or not, because I'm doing fairly graphics intensive stuff).

So yeah, let me know, thank you!

Answer Source

EITHER try this library: (by Erica Sadun).

(Sample Code):

[[UIDevice currentDevice] platformType]   // ex: UIDevice4GiPhone
[[UIDevice currentDevice] platformString] // ex: @"iPhone 4G"

OR You can use this method:

You can get the device model number using uname from sys/utsname.h. For example:

#import <sys/utsname.h> // import it in your header or implementation file.

NSString* deviceName()
    struct utsname systemInfo;

    return [NSString stringWithCString:systemInfo.machine

The result should be:

@"i386"      on 32-bit Simulator
@"x86_64"    on 64-bit Simulator
@"iPod1,1"   on iPod Touch
@"iPod2,1"   on iPod Touch Second Generation
@"iPod3,1"   on iPod Touch Third Generation
@"iPod4,1"   on iPod Touch Fourth Generation
@"iPod7,1"   on iPod Touch 6th Generation
@"iPhone1,1" on iPhone
@"iPhone1,2" on iPhone 3G
@"iPhone2,1" on iPhone 3GS
@"iPad1,1"   on iPad
@"iPad2,1"   on iPad 2
@"iPad3,1"   on 3rd Generation iPad
@"iPhone3,1" on iPhone 4 (GSM)
@"iPhone3,3" on iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon/Sprint)
@"iPhone4,1" on iPhone 4S
@"iPhone5,1" on iPhone 5 (model A1428, AT&T/Canada)
@"iPhone5,2" on iPhone 5 (model A1429, everything else)
@"iPad3,4" on 4th Generation iPad
@"iPad2,5" on iPad Mini
@"iPhone5,3" on iPhone 5c (model A1456, A1532 | GSM)
@"iPhone5,4" on iPhone 5c (model A1507, A1516, A1526 (China), A1529 | Global)
@"iPhone6,1" on iPhone 5s (model A1433, A1533 | GSM)
@"iPhone6,2" on iPhone 5s (model A1457, A1518, A1528 (China), A1530 | Global)
@"iPad4,1" on 5th Generation iPad (iPad Air) - Wifi
@"iPad4,2" on 5th Generation iPad (iPad Air) - Cellular
@"iPad4,4" on 2nd Generation iPad Mini - Wifi
@"iPad4,5" on 2nd Generation iPad Mini - Cellular
@"iPad4,7" on 3rd Generation iPad Mini - Wifi (model A1599)
@"iPhone7,1" on iPhone 6 Plus
@"iPhone7,2" on iPhone 6
@"iPhone8,1" on iPhone 6S
@"iPhone8,2" on iPhone 6S Plus
@"iPhone8,4" on iPhone SE
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