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Filter an array of object in javascript

I've been trying for two hours to figure this out and have found some articles related to my question but I can't seem to make the suggestions work in my situation. So I hope you can help.

I have an array of objects called

with 50 000 entries, here are two sample entries:

{ sex: "Male",
lastName: "DIXON",
firstName: "Esteban",
age: 51,
isSingle: true
sex: "Female",
lastName: "BULLOCK",
firstName: "Daniela",
age: 58,
isSingle: false

I want to be able to get useful demographic information out of that data. For instance, I would like to know how many
between the
of 20 and 24
. How do I do that?

As mentioned, I have read other related answers but, being rather new at this, have been unable to translate them to my particular situation. I'm not looking to find a single object, or a single value of a property of a single object. I'm looking to find how many entries out of the 50 000 fit the parameters mentioned above.

Answer Source

Functional approach:

var count = input.filter(function(item) {
    return == 'Male' && item.age > 19 && item.age < 25 && item.isSingle;

Imperative approach:

var count = 0;
input.forEach(function(item) {
    if ( == 'Male' && item.age > 19 && item.age < 25 && item.isSingle) count++;
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