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Analysing App IPS file in XCode

I'm trying to find out why my app is crashing for certain users. I personally cannot replicate it.

The user emailed me their IPS file. This is the output after I've loaded it in Organiser, and right clicked, selected Re-symbolicate:

I assume this is where the problem occurred in my code:

3 FlightMachine 0x000000010003b970 0x100028000 + 80240
4 FlightMachine 0x000000010008b79c 0x100028000 + 407452

But how do I find out what is at
0x100028000 + 80240
, to find out what the actual problem is?

Thank you.

Answer Source

If you have dysm file of your app version which got crash, you can symbolicate it using atos tool with the steps mentioned in Apple documentation

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