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Can't get the value of $routeParams in a controller (AngularJs)

my config :

.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {


.state('tab.chats', {
url: '/chats/:id',
views: {
'tab-chats': {
templateUrl: 'templates/tab-chats.html',
controller: 'detail'



my controller :

.controller("detail", ["$scope", "$http", function($scope, $http, $routeParams){

$scope.data = $routeParams.id;

my html :

<ion-content class="ata1">
<a href="#/tab/dash" rel="nofollow"><img id="logo" src="img/falimda.png" alt="" /></a>

<div class="clear"></div>

<div ng-controller="detail">

<div class="clear"></div>

<a href="#/tab/dash" class="button button-outline button-light">Back</a>


So here i'm programming a mobile application by Ionic Framework, and i couldn't solve something.

I'm trying to use this
inside my controller by using
so that i can use that
to pull some data from web but unfortunately i can't reach it inside of my controller. I tried to test and print out my data inside
it didn't work. Can you help me?

Answer Source

You're using ui-router for the routing, but expecting to find the ui-router state parameters in ngRoute's routeParams service. Won't happen.

Use $stateParams, and remove the ngRoute dependency from your application, since you're using ui-router.

To fix the other, injection problem explained by the other answer, and avoid to repeat it later, I suggest you stick to the simple declaration or parameters (not using the array syntax which forces you to duplicate all service names), and use ng-annotate to make it minifiable automatically.

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