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Swift - What is the best approach for managing Static Strings and Constants (like URLs, IDs, Image names etc)

Right now we are working with a flat file called Constants.swift with all the constants simply written there or inside a simple enum.
Is this a good approach? is there a better way (like saving a Plist or parsing an XML file)?

If Plists are the way to go, how do i read from them properly without making it overkill with a lot of code just to read from it?


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I think using an enum is a good approach, like this:

enum Constants {
    enum SubConstants {
        static let Constant1234 = "Hello sir!"

and then use it like this:


A plist could be a good approach if you have a server which gives you the constants depending on Country, users and so on.

If you want to use the plist you can follow this guide.


How Adnan pointed out, you shouldn't use enum to store the constants since it is not a best practice, instead you should use a struct:

struct Constants {
    struct SubConstants {
        static let Constant1234 = "Hello sir!"
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