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how to update data in select2 dropdown using ajax

I have a select2 dropdown for location.select2 data is initialised on page load.I want to update the data at regular intervals using ajax.But when I update the data of select2 the select2 dropdown becomes read only

allowClear: true,
minimumInputLength: 1,
data:{ results: locationls, text: function(item) { return item.text; }},
formatSelection: format,
formatResult: format

Answer Source

I don't really understand your question and think it needs some clarifying - but as far as I could understand (I ran into this problem and found your question when Googleing it...)

When I first load the page I run the following JavaScript so that all of my drop-down select boxes are styled and using select2:


But as your title states, my code below works by updating the drop-down to a new set of data -where my /store/ajax_get_zones function returns HTML for the options:

$(function() {
    $('#country').on('change', function() {
        $.post("/store/ajax_get_zones", {
            country_id: $('#country').val()
        }, function(e) {
            if (e)

All you have to do is call .select2() on the element after you update the data.

Screen Shots

Start with the default United States:

Starting/Default United States

Then when you change the country the state drop-down changes as well (ajax updated the inner HTML of the original select while still themed to select2

Changing the country results in the changing of the state dropdown

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