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Javascript Question

Javascript regex for matching twitter-like hashtags

I'd like some help on figuring out the JS regex to use to identify "hashtags", where they should match all of the following:

  1. The usual twitter style hashtags:

  2. Hashtags with text preceding:

  3. Hashtags with space in them, which are denoted as:
    #[foo bar]
    (that is, the [] serves as delimiter for the hashtag)

For 1 and 2, I was using something of the following form:

var all_re =/\S*#\S+/gi;

I can't seem to figure out how to extend it to 3. I'm not good at regexps, some help please?


Answer Source

So it has to match either all non-space characters or any characters between (and including) [ and ]:



\S*                # any number of non-white space characters
#                  # matches #
(?:                # start non-capturing group
    \[             # matches [
    [^\]]+         # any character but ], one or more
    \]             # matches ]
    |              # OR
    \S+            # one or more non-white space characters
)                  # end non-capturing group

Reference: alternation, negated character classes.

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